Valerie Worth, Owner/Photographer of Worth Capturing

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I live for capturing authentic moments and I have an awesome time doing it. I never want a session to feel forced or stuffy, so I encourage all of my clients to just roll with the punches and have fun. Keep the movement and giggles coming! I have no problem making ridiculous faces or busting out some awkward dance moves to lighten the mood. Need me to embarrass myself to make you laugh? No problem, that's where I shine.

I am a big kid at heart who loves eating french fries, drinking lattes and prosecco, and watching UNC Basketball (Go Heels!). I love going to outdoor concerts and traveling to the beach with my family. I’m happiest when I’m outside but I love to binge watch TV as well. If you like The Office, 30 Rock, or Parks & Recreation then we’ll be fast friends! I really love all animals but I am primarily a dog person (although I’ve tried to convince my husband that we need a pygmy goat a few times).

interesting facts about me

My grass is blue

Woof, meow

Sand flea expert

Typical Millenial

I love TikTok. There, I said it. When you just want to relax and have a few laughs, there's nothing like watching amazing videos of hilarious and talented strangers on the internet. 


You know those little crawly guys that hang out on the beach and dig back in the sand after each wave? Apparently I'm quite skilled at finding & catching them. It's probably my cat-like reflexes.


I worked in veterinary medicine for 13 years before pursuing photography full time. It was a very special profession and I think I'll always miss it a little. I mean, puppies and kittens - am I right?


I used to play the banjo. I took lessons for a few years and wasn't too terrible (but not very good either) & I'd love to pick it up again some day. I secretly wish I was like Steve Martin.


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